Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Monkey Wrench?! YES!

A damn Monkey Wrench. Who knew?!

I'd been fighting with the tie rods on the BMW for quite some time, but no matter what tool I used, I couldn't get the grip I needed to generate the torque to get them off the steering rack. I sucked it up & called Billy Revis from Motorsport Connections (who was at the track; VIR). His answer; a pipe wrench. And? Sonofabitch, it worked! Easily, I'll add.

Once I got the tie rods on the car, I installed the front hubs that Jim repacked with some really nasty lube! Then, I reassembled the brakes & put our newly-mounted wheels & tires on...and dropped the car onto it's own feet. And took a big sigh of relief!

Today; put the fuel tank back together & see if she'll fire up.