Friday, March 6, 2009


It was a BIG night for us; Geoff came over to the GarageMahal and we dug into the fuel system on the Lemons BMW.

We'd been suffering from low fuel pressure that wouldn't allow the car to rev up past about 3500-4000rpm. Not good to drive on. We acquired more parts from Steven at (thanks Steve!) and started at the fist stop; a BADLY varnished in-tank fuel pump. Steven also sent us a fuel pump and fuel accumulator just in case. The short story is that the in-tank pump was the trick; we cleaned it up and installed it...wired the battery up & hit the key; varrooommm!

Okay, it wasn't quite that easy...there was another vacuum leak to deal with and the radiator is leaking and the mixture is pig rich & needs to be leaned out...

If our car hadn't been abused over the last 26 years, this is what the engine bay SHOULD look like., not so much.

That said, I drove it onto the trailer under it's own power tonight & will be taking it to the Petty shop to have our buddy Roger test-fit the cage. While he's up to that, the rest of us will be working on the items on our (very long) build sheet that still need to be done before we can race this thing April 4th & 5th.