Saturday, March 7, 2009

Comedy Runs Rampant...

...and my face is crispy.

Let me explain; we did a test-fit of the rollcage today. It's a tight fit for sure, but we realized that it's been designed for a car without a sunroof. Colonel Klink has a sunroof. Check that, HAD a sunroof. Thanks to a high powered Zizz-Wheel and a sorta steady hand...I cut the sunroof mechanism out of the car. But, the cutting wheel throws sparks EVERYWHERE. Into my hair, my face, my arms, my... Anything not tightly covered with clothing was peppered with tiny meteorites flying through the interior of our 26 year old BMW. I was SURE I'd set something on fire, but luckily I only suffer from a few small burns and ringing ears.

What? My personal dysfigurement isn't enough comedy for you? Fine, how about this...

Last week Jim & I were working on the car...he removed the radiator & flushed it with the garden hose (for you Nort Kakalaka natives, that's a Hose Pipe). All sorts of schmegma came out; who knows how long it had been since that cooling system had been flushed. He reinstalled it & we got the car fired up to much hoopla.

Later that night I was fighting with the tie rods & noticed the leak. Yeah. From our newly cleaned radiator. It appeared we'd knocked crud loose that had been holding the car's vital fluid inside... We were wrong. Today we unloaded the car at the shop & I drove it around the back...yes, the water was still dripping...then I saw it... "Hey Roger, is that coolant oozing from the radiator hose?" Roger gave the hose a tug... and it popped right off! LOL Jim forgot to tighten the hose clamp a week ago & had us ready to replace the friggin' radiator!

And THAT, ladies & gentlmen, is how things go for Hammer's Heroes.