Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What A Slacker!

I just realized I never posted an update to our own stinkin' website! Sheesh!

Okay, the important numbers: we started 105 cars. We finished 29th overall! The car ran like crap on Saturday but had a ton of grip. We kept our nose clean & only got hit by other folks twice.

Sunday, the weather
cooled by some 15 degrees...and it rained. Bad news for our tires which we sourced from guys who threw them away after using them on Legends Cars. It was like driving on ice! That said, the cooler weather meant our engine ran GREAT! But...our starter gave out, forcing us to push start the car after every pit stop.

See a trend here? Good, bad, good, bad...and repeat.

We got hit multiple times, causing a lot of body damage to the car...although it's mechanically as bad as it ever was.

So now, after 3 races in the 24 Hours of Lemons series, what's next for our team? We're considering testing the waters with the guys at the ChumpCar World Series. They're running a 14 hour endurance race at Charlotte Motor Speedway (yes, including the NASCAR oval!). It's the day before Easter...and we just may try & make it happen. Stay tuned!