Sunday, March 29, 2009

Alllllllmost there!

It's been a Three Day Thrash on the BMW; our final weekend before the race found us turning wrenches, wiring electronics, spraying paint & hoping it all works.

It does!

Thanks to Geoff & Jim, between Friday & Sunday we...
  • Painted the interior
  • Mounted the instrument cluster
  • Installed the belts
  • Wired up the transponder
  • Taped all the lights
  • Installed the Master Switch (Roger's trick mount is flippin' beautiful!)
  • Finished the exhaust
  • Flushed & filled the radiator...again
  • Pulled out the big dent on the right rear
  • Bondo'd the roof, sanded & painted to fill in the now permanent "sunroof"
And probably a few more things!

Our graphics will be here in a couple days (yes, we'll probably be installing them as we load the trailer on Thursday!).

Jim would like to run the test sessions on Friday if the price is right. Geoff probably isn't available. I "may" be available to run a session or so. Ed; you could be the other test driver!

This week we need to do a few things to wrap it up; the Hawk Blue racing brake pads will be here Monday. The hydraulics need to be bled too. We have to finish the installation of the rollcage padding. Add in the Traqmate data acquistion system too.

We're jazzed to get on the track with this beast...and once we survive this event, we'll be looking to the future for more events to run at!