Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We've Got Juice In Our Rear

No, I'm not talking about some automotive colonic... We moved the battery to the trunk of the car last night! The idea is that we help balance the car by moving that weight from the left front of the car (the heaviest corner) to the right rear (the lightest).

Doing that made space up front for our homebrew Cold Air Intake kit made from some plastic tubing and an old cone filter lying around my garage. I'm betting this won't be featured on the next Chip Foose project.

We're just about set to begin the install of the roll cage too. We test fit the main hoop, which is the tube that everything else comes off of. Turns out, the pipe was made for a car with no sunroof...our car had a sunroof...note the use of past tense. I cut it out with a zizz wheel the other day, gaining us a couple inches of extra headroom. We'll weld the old panel back in place when we're done with the interior.

What's next? Who really knows...but we'll have a chilly beverage in our hand ready to tell the story, no doubt!