Friday, February 27, 2009

Another weekend, a few more hours of wrench time.

I was on the phone with Steven at again today (that's getting to be a common thing!) ordering more parts for the car. He's got the fuel system pieces we need, but admits the in-tank pump has seen better days. It's GOT to be better than the one we have, but we'll see where it all plays out when it gets here in a few days.

This weekend, we're hoping to wrap up the front suspension & re-fire the engine by by-passing the in-tank fuel pump that we're waiting on (makes sense that we can & be fine; the early cars didn't have an in-tank pump & the early cars & later cars use the same external pump).

If Craver comes over (hint, hint, Tim...I need your Sawzall!) we'll cut the exhaust off & do a quick fab of a Cherry Bomb system for cheap.

Jim has re-packed the front hubs...that's great for all the heat they'll have to put up with over the course of a long race.

I'm sure there's more; we'll get to it after I get off the radio shift tomorrow!