Thursday, February 26, 2009

We've got Rubbers!

The frustration: I can't get those flippin' original tie rods off the car to save my life. I'm being careful not to put too much pressure on them because I'd fear messing up the steering rack...which would be bad. Very bad.

The good: Geoff got us some plastic sheeting that I've riveted into place to form a front air dam. It's hardly show quality, but it'll work well & give us a place to mount brake ducts to.

Plus, last night Geoff & I went to the tire shop here at work & got our new-to-us used tires mounted to the wheels. BIG HUGE GIGANTIC props: to Zach & Ron for operating the machinery (and especially Ron for using his knowledge of camber shaved tires to help us decide which tires to put on which corner). We now have 2 complete sets of tires for the race!

In other team news, I've traded a bootlegged copy of some software to Roger so he loaned me some HUGE metric hex sockets. I need them to change out the transmission fluid (the drain & fill plugs are very odd!); hopefully I'll have that done tonight.

Fellas: I'm free Saturday & Sunday from about 1pm on...let's get the suspension finished up & the engine running...then we can get it to the shop for Roger to work on the cage next week.