Saturday, February 21, 2009

Colonel Klink Runs! Sort of...

Billy Revis of Motorsport Connections has been working on the BMW for us, trying to get the engine running right. He got it closer than we could; it IS running now & I drove it onto the trailer, then through the neighborhood last night.

There's still a bit of trouble; seems to be a case of fuel starvation; lots of coughs & sputtering at throttle tip in & up through the revs. It could be something simple like a clogged filter in the tank...or either of the fuel pumps, or the fuel accumulator, or... Either way, we'll be tearing into it later today & tomorrow.

This weekend's goal: get the coolant, engine oil, trans & diff lubes swapped out. The suspension too; install the Koni Sport shocks & Race Dynamics lowering springs from

We still have a pretty good "To Do" list:
  • Fuel System (obviously, this is the big one!) Got to get her running correctly
  • Suspension install
  • Re-bleed the brakes; pedal is a bit soft (although the clutch feels great)
  • Adjust the rear drum brakes
  • Exhaust; we'll probably just hack off the original one & hang a Cherry Bomb
  • Wheels & tires; got to get them mounted up but we now have 2 sets of wheels & 3 sets of tires!
  • Roll Cage; my (foolish) buddy Roger Sigears at Petty has said he'll help us out with welding the cage in.
  • Safety equipment; we need to fab up a seat mount, bolt in the seat, add belts and a window net.
The optimist in me felt great to at least DRIVE the car yesterday. The engine (despite the fuel issue) runs smoothly, the transmission shifted well & everything felt decent.

Want to lend a hand? Just drop a line: and bring your wrenches!