Friday, January 23, 2009

Okay, we're IN!


I have officially registered the team for Lemons South, the Spring edition this coming April.

I hear you "But Hammer, your car doesn't run yet"
I know.
"But Hammer, you don't even have a team yet"
I know.
"But Hammer, you barely have 2 months before the race"
I know.
And yet, here I am fighting the good fight!

Now, every team has a schtick, a story, a "reason for being." Simply put, a Theme. Ours...

"Hammer's Heroes"

The Plot:

  • A handful of misfits come together while stuck under the tyranny of an old German. In this case, a 26 year old BMW 320i, lovingly referred to as “Stalag 13”

The Cast:

  • Colonel Hammer: John “Hammer” Palazzolo. Detroit, MI.
    • Senior ranking officer, electronics expert & radio operator. Shot down in an air raid while strafing the front stretch at VIR in a Spec Miata.
  • Tim “Kinchloe” Craver: Welcome, NC.
    • “Kinch” is an expert in imitating a racecar driver. With a penchant for wearing name brand race suits while performing half assed, he looks the part even though, quite frankly, he sucks.
  • James “The Sarge” Ballard; Mooresville, NC.
    • Excels in not shaving, wearing sweatpants & welding front clips. He brags he escaped the Third Reich, er…Turn 3…no, wait…he didn’t escape Turn 3 at all, he nearly totaled a car at Turn 3 at Road Atlanta.
  • Royal Air Force Corporal Geoff Moller. Capetown, South Africa.
    • He creates a total mess as the team tries to decipher his accent over the radio while on a mission…or simply coming in for a pitstop.
  • Lieutenant Kelly Childress. Atlanta, GA.
    • A master of covert operations; he sneaks in and out of traffic passing the enemy at will. Of course, his barracks are VERY close to the gas chamber, er, refueling rig…and it’s assumed he’s been sniffing fumes.

The Vehicle:

  • 1983 BMW 320i
    • With 26 years of Autobahn under this German’s tracks, it’s amazing it still runs. The comedy comes often as the car, dubbed “Stalag 13” does it’s best Colonel Klink impression and works to stop Hammer’s Heroes from victory. Watch closely as hilarity ensues!