Thursday, April 2, 2009

This Is It: the FINAL NIGHT Before Heading To The Track!

Last night was crazy; we found chunkers of schmeg clogging the in-tank fuel pump. Why? Because the filter screen that originally covered the thing had long since destroyed itself. We had to fabricate something...Wait, how about Nylons?! I stole some from Mrs Hammer, Geoff found some mesh screen & we tied it all together with zip ties...stuffed it down in the tank & viola!

We HAD to try out the system, right? So we put 6 gallons of fuel into it & went down to our Top Secret test facility (the industrial park at the end of my neighborhood). 5,000+ rpm through third gear...NO hesitations, the car feels great! Down to the cul-de-sac, make the loop, the car runs strong...back to the gas...OH SHIT.

The cops....

Now, understand, I'm driving an unlicensed, uninsured car that I've never actually registered as mine. Oh sure, I have the title & bill of sale, but that's not IN the car.

Long story short, he lets me go... Even the cops in Mooresville are race fans!

With that behind us, we're getting together for one last thrash tonight before heading to the track Friday. But it's not easy; we have to replace the clutch master cylinder which began leaking 2 nights ago. VERY tight quarters mean small fingers & flexible wrenches will be kings of the evening.

Then, we'll have to decal the car. They're being delivered today. Yeah, more last minute stuff.

And packing; we need to get ALL of our things in the trucks tonight so we can leave in the morning for the track.

We'll be at the Garagemahal tonight. If you're in the neighborhood, swing by & lend a had. The 24 Hours of LeMons is THIS WEEKEND!