Monday, August 17, 2009

Hammer's Heroes Have Gas...

...but the car doesn't at this point. Ed, Jim & I spend the afternoon wrangling the fuel tanks out of the car on Sunday.

If you recall from our Spring race, we had a lot of coughing & sputtering & what felt like fuel starvation (even though it was essentially full)...or a clogged fuel filter (even though we'd changed it twice) or... We really weren't sure what was causing the issue but a look into the tank showed 27 years of corrosion and gunk getting sucked up by the fuel pump.

So, yesterday we took the tanks out & are having the main side cleaned & treated by a shop. We're only going to use the right side tank when we reinstall; first off, that tank still holds all the fuel we need and the weight savings is at least 15 pounds of hard gear plus the weight of the fuel we carried, but didn't need.

Should be a good move & we're excited to get the tank back & reinstalled in a couple weeks!